“La Musica Del Silenzio”(Italian Title) “The Music Of  Silence”(English Title)

Andrea Bocelli, the world famous Italian tenor singer who has selled over 8 millions of CD copy. He was born with a glaucoma on one eye  and  when he was 12 years old, he had lost his other sight  injuring from playing soccer. And since then his has totally became blind.
It’s a story based on the book he wrote about himself, how he had overcome his difficulties and became a super star.
He also participated writing the script.

As Andrea Bocelli was born in Tuscany, in a  small town called Lajatico  with population  of 1373 people , at province of Pisa, It was filmed also in Tuscany  area in Dicember 2016  and I(Alessandro Tarducci di TOSCANA CINEMA) had an opportunity to work with the team as a Assistant of production in Tuscany.

A photo of a concert of Andrea Bocelli at his hometown Lajatico , at Theater of Silence.

The director is Micheal Radford (Il postino,The Merchant of Venice). Starring, Toby Sebastian(Game of Thrones), Antonio Banderas Jody Molla.

Production with an American major distribution company  AMBI DISTRIBUTION and Italian company  PICOMEDIA srl.

You will also be hearing unreleased  Andrea Bocelli’s songs  in the film.